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Taylor Lautner Desperate to Keep His Shirt on!

Posted by Adam

TAYLOR Lautner is hoping to keep his shirt on!

The 19-year-old Twilight actor has spent much of his time as Jacob Black topless meaning has had to pump up to look the part of a hunky werewolf.

“It has been a lot of hard work but now the movies are all done I can relax a little,” says Taylor.

“Obviously I wouldn’t refuse to take my shirt of again but it would be nice to do a few roles now where I don’t have to worry about working on my abs.”

Lautner recently admitted he’s worried girls are only interested in him because of his role in Twilight.

“You definitely have to deal with whether girls are interested in me or Jacob. Sometimes it’s hard. Time always lets you know what a person is really like,” he said.

“The fans love the characters and they would love anyone who as playing those characters. I’m just the guy who was able to bring Jacob to life.”