Justin Bieber Wines and Dines Selena Gomez

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Friday, November 11, 2011

JUSTIN Bieber treated Selena Gomez to a $1,100 a night penthouse suite while they stayed in Paris.

The Baby star was in the French capital this week to promote his new Christmas album and he and Selena stayed in the Paris Arc de Triomphe hotel for the four nights they were there.

“Justin and Selena stayed in the most beautiful penthouse suite overlooking the Eiffel Tower. This was the perfect suite for them because it is so romantic,” a source said.

Another source at the hotel said both very charming guests and always well mannered while at the hotel.

“They never left the room when they returned to it and didn’t bother with room service, but the times they were seen together they were always extremely polite and very cordial to the staff,” said the source.

As well as taking her shopping at Louis Vuitton, 17-year-old Justin also treated Selena to a romantic meal at the exclusive L’Avenue restaurant, where customers said they held hands throughout their meal, kissed, and were seemingly unconcerned about other diners watching them.

Justin’s promotional tour now takes him to Germany.

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  • Kiana

    they did NOT break up ppl

  • Webaid_harry

    Hello Justin,
    Comesane a tanedy,
    A sanedy tavety, camea, camea, camea to you_