Taylor Lautner Doesn’t Read About Himself

Friday, November 11, 2011

TAYLOR Lautner is no fame monger.

The Twilight actor, 19, insists he doesn’t read about himself on the internet.

“It’s tough because sometimes you’ll just be on the web and things pop up or you get emailed something from a friend,” he told Parade magazine. “It is definitely impossible to avoid stuff about me sometimes, but it’s pretty important to try.

“It’s very rare that things are true about yourself that are on the Internet. It’s just sad sometimes. So you definitely try and stay away from it as much as possible.”

Lautner recently admitted he’s worried girls are only interested in him because of his role in Twilight.

“You definitely have to deal with whether girls are interested in me or Jacob. Sometimes it’s hard. Time always lets you know what a person is really like,” he said.

“The fans love the characters and they would love anyone who as playing those characters. I’m just the guy who was able to bring Jacob to life.”