Harrison Ford Talks About Next Indiana Jones Flick!

Monday, November 14, 2011

HARRISON Ford has hinted that there will soon be another Indiana Jones movie!

The actor, 69, was asked by US TV show Extra if there will be another installment in the hugely successful film franchise.

“It’ll happen when it happens,” he said.

“I have strong ambition to do it while I’m still alive. I’m available, I’m not cheap, but I’m available!”

Ford has previously said he almost changed his name!

The actor revealed that as a young actor he offered to change his name to Kurt Affaire when a studio told him he needed a new moniker to become famous.


  • Alex_h451

    The last one was God awful. Aliens?? Aliens?? Surviving a nuclear blast?? And he looks very aged. 10 years ago he could still have pulled off being a swashbuckler, but no longer. Watch the South Park episode lampooning the 4th in the series, echoes my sentiments exactly.