Megan Fox’s Broadway Nerves

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MEGAN Fox was a bag of nerves when she made her Broadway debut Monday night.

The sexy actress hit the boards in Montblanc Presents 24 Hour Plays on Broadway.

“Megan was very nervous and excited about her performance,” a source told Us Weekly. “As a non-drinker, she said she had taken some Chinese Herbs that helped take the edge off.

“Megan had one line that she was a rabbit, but what she really wanted to be was a computer programmer.

“The line was a direct result of the orientation the night before, where actors are asked to say one fun fact about themselves. Megan said she was a kick-ass Halo player, so the writer wrote it into the script.

“Megan said she wanted to bring a sword but was afraid they would stop her at the airport, so instead she brought a Bilbo Baggins figurine (from The Hobbit).

“She really enjoyed the experience. But she had to leave after the show because she was booked on a last-minute flight to Europe for work. She was truly sad not to make the after-party.”


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  • fariborz Zak

    she has lovely eyes.