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Muhammad Ali Has Six Months to Live?

Posted by Adam

BOXING legend Muhammad Ali could just have six months to live — according to a new report.

American tabloid Globe says the star “is on his last legs”

“His friends fear he’s rapidly declining and has less than six months to live,” a source revealed.

“He’s about the former champ’s losing fight against rampaging Parkinson’s disease.”


  • fariborz Zak

    2009 2010 and now 2011 bad years for Celebs

  • Angel

    “Wow what a poor choice of words you print”…. “ON HIS LAST LEGS” … “COULD YOU BE MORE HEARTLESS THEN THAT”… The poor guy has been fighting this disease for years it has to be hell to have it… HAVE MORE SYMPATHY THEN THAT…. :(

  • Www Rudanr

    May God  richly bless him more health and strenght to keep on fighting . for that I know he's best to ever .He talk the talk and walk the walk,againce all wars and  apop[ular government in his time as ayoung man.Every AMERICAN ot tpoday needs a page out of this man”s book.His life is telling us something,both politically and Medically,   Mr. AMERICAN   HERO  you have my paryer”s.                                                                                                                                                                          By,    Lyndon  Ramsahai.