Robin Williams Mistaken For Bono

Saturday, November 26, 2011

ROBIN Williams often gets mistaken for Bono by drunk fans.

The 60-year-old actor was recently approached by a man in Paris who thought he was the 51-year-old U2 singer, but it only happens when people have taken “a lot of medication” or are “completely s**tfaced”.

“I had a guy come up to me in Paris saying, ‘Are you Bono?’ Then he said, ‘Oh no, you’re not, you’re Robert Windsor’,” he said.

“I only really get mistaken for Bono by people who are really hammered. They have to be completely s**tfaced to think I’m Bono. I suppose when I put on the glasses I look a bit like him. It’s usually from a distance and by people who’ve had a lot of medication.”

Despite being mistaken for the Irish star, the Mrs. Doubtfire actor — who is well known for being able to master a number of different accents and impressions — is unable to pull off an Irish accent to meet his high standards.

“The Irish accent is one I just can’t seem to get. I always start doing it and then it just f**king fades. It always ends up going into Scottish,” he added.



  • Guest

    Who again is the celebrity getting mistaken as a female impersonator?   Ahhh, it's Jennifer Aniston.

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