Susan Boyle Reveals Dream Christmas Present

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SUSAN Boyle wants a tent for Christmas.

The I Dreamed A Dream singer — who rose to fame on TV show Britain’s Got Talent — wants a portable tent so she can camp at Scotland’s T in the Park music festival next year, and she also wants a new collar for her cat, Pebbles.

“I’d like a tent to take with me to T in the Park and I’d also like the Downton Abbey box set, because it’s one of my favorite series,” she said.

“I’m hoping for a collar for my cat Pebbles, some piano music books so that I can continue to learn on my grand piano and the Steve Jobs autobiography.”

However not all of her wishes are so understated — she is also hoping for a 3-D television from Santa Claus and a Kindle book reader.

“I’d really like a 3-D TV with the electronic glasses so I can bring the films into my living room. And a Kindle, so I can access all the latest books on my travels,” she said.

Despite requesting a new collar for Pebbles, the Scottish star rarely gets to see her beloved pet these days because of her work schedule, and she admits she misses her.

“Pebbles is doing good, she’s being looked after by Pam, she’s 13 now,” she has said.

“Do I see her often? I get to hear about her, she’s OK. I’ll send her a postcard now and again.”

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  • Angel

    Susan Boyle is a weirdO………. So buy your own tent and your cat a collar! Its not like your POOR… just a weirdO……

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