Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Spending Christmas Apart!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

LOVEBIRDS Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be spending Christmas apart.

Sources say the couple and Twilight costars will be in different countries to celebrate the holidays.

Rob will be in London with his family, while Kristen will fly back to Los Angeles to be with her family. The pair will reunite after Boxing Day, sources say, and will then spend the remainder of December on the Isle of Wight.

“Rob and Kristen won’t be together on Christmas Day,” dished one insider.

“They’re sad, but they are committed to their families and want to be with them over the festive period.

“They’ll be together after Boxing Day, when they’ll travel to the Isle of Wight for a small break.”[imagebrowser id=1085]



  • silkyfine49

    They do that every year,nothing new, their sources says rob and kristen r so n love with each other, that rob is so perfect, never do no wrong, the greatest boyfriend, the man is like Edward from the twiligth movies, rob would never b with no other woman, the perfect man and boyfriend, thats what they say, rob is perfect.

    • beans

      He is handsome. I think heis prefection that way. Gorgeously perfect.

  • kelly

    Rob is perfect.

    • haha


      You are kidding right?  In case you are not, no one is perfect.  Sorry to break that to you.

      • lq

        Rob is perfect, oh yes he is.

  • court jester from thedark side

    same old same old…..ho hum. boring……

  • court jester from thedark side

    swath should be about finished. seems to be taking a long time for such a trivial story line. guess they are using mucho filler and special effects. typical of a teeny bopper movie, no sustance! ha ha!

    guess the house will have to be handed back to the studio( since they are paying for it!)

    only a matter of time since before the showmance ends. i hear tom is getting ansy!! ha ha!

    • Anon

      CJ do you really know things? Just wondering. How are you connected? Is Rob really with Tom or does he have another boyfriend?

  • Guest

    Well of course they are not spending Christmas together, why would they?  It's not like they are a couple, they are just coworkers, inspite of the BS the studios want us to believe.  Any couple together as long as they want us to believe these two are, should be comfortable around each other family by now.  But they are not a couple that's why they are not spending Christmas together.

    • Anon

      Ya, I agree. I mean, the first year I met my boyfriend, we spent Christmas together. We did one year with his folks, and the next with mine. We were serious and we wanted to be together! Period! These excuses the Robstens have for them wanting to be with their own families then as lovers get together for New Years. BS! Serious couples will spend all holidays together. Unless of course someone is in Afghanistan or something. New Years was the time to break away from family and go party with the friends. After all this time, they still show no PDA….really strange.

      • Anon

        Also, remember the girl who saw them at IOW last year said she never saw them kiss at midnight. She said “Sorry people, but I did not see them kiss”. Then when she got brutally attacked by the Robstens, she backed up by saying “oh, well, I was kissing my boyfriend, so maybe they did and I didn't see it.” You can bet if she saw the famous RP and KS there she would have been making it a point to watch for that. Such bullshit that goes on with these two.

      • Sadbitterbetties

        Rob and Kristen kissing each other at the stroke of midnight, new years eve 2011:
        Rob and Kristen at X-Mas with Rob's parents at the Pattinson family home: 2010
        You raging irrational in denial jealous bitter betties, are actually pretty entertaining with your
        severely chronic delusion. Sad your lives are so boring and unsatisfying, you have to stalk Rob and Kris maligning their love. You've seen pics, even these are seared into your tiny toxic brains, you've heard directors, friends, co-stars .talk about their being in love and a devoted couple. And STILL you play dumb and crazy. Lolol. Nice try, but you'll never convince anyone that you don't know their every loving coupled up move, even as you deny them to keep your weak grasp on sanity.

      • Sadbitterbetties

        Rob and Kristen at home with Rob's parents at X-mas.

        Yeah now act like you haven't seen this 10,347 times, sad freaks. lolol

      • dont4get

        Oh you forgot to mention about the paparazzis 24/7 surveillance outside Kristen and Robert's apartment in Notting Hill hahaha. Oh how about tons of tweets from the people who watched Marcus Foster's concert?

      • Sadbitterbetties

        Here's another one losers. Rob visits Kristen in Montreal as she shoots Onthe Road, and later that night they smootch under the streets lamps and stars…awww, I know u wish you were kstew, losers. Hahaha.

      • Sadbitterbetties

        How about another hyenas…enjoy..hahahaha:

  • Anon

    Someone on another site suggested Rob is “multi sexual”. Meaning he will have sex with anyone or anyTHING. Wow, that's just gross. Men, women, animals, objects?? Ewww…

    • Guest!

      Sad when some people rather him be that then dating Kristen Stewart. Is it really such a horrible thing? Lmao! Wow!! Oh and the was a rhetorical question by the way.

  • Anon

    Also, remember the girl who saw them at IOW last year said she never saw them kiss at midnight. She said “Sorry people, but I did not see them kiss”. Then when she got brutally attacked by the Robstens, she backed up by saying “oh, well, I was kissing my boyfriend, so maybe they did and I didn't see it.” You can bet if she saw the famous RP and KS there she would have been making it a point to watch for that. Such bullshit that goes on with these two.

  • sage

    When is Showbiz Spy going to rebrand itself   Or maybe  Keep posting your fantasies ladies…if it gets you through the day.  They are a real couple…with acceptance comes peace.

    • Getfckot

      I know right. Scary to think grown asss women with jobs have to play these 8th grade games. How embarrassing. It's the same reason Angelina and brad get attacked in tabloids and blogs, this crap media has figured out that their audience is the other women who are insanely jealous of the beautiful girls who have it all, and are adored by wanted men, like Pitt and pattinson. Which is why all these stories are manufactured, to get whole packs of raving females ripping them to shreds.

      • Guest

        I have to agree with you, about grown ass women acting like 8th graders and believing that a fantasy movie romance is real.  And get upset at other posters who do not share their views, resorting to name calling and temper tantrums.  Hate to break it to you but Rob and KS are not in a relay, but just to make you happy Bella and Edward are.  Happy now?  lol

    • lql

      The day will come when they will have to adopt the title nondelusional, because Rob and Kristen will have been together such a longtime. Since 2009.

  • Michelle

    Showbiz Spy trolls are nothing if not entertaining.

    • Anon

      Go back to the AT with the Robstens where you belong. And get the f*** off our board! Btw, that New Years pic was not a kiss. I didn't see lips connecting. He was leaning his head down for her to say something since it was probably loud. I'm not saying they didn't date, or didn't f*** eachother. But there is no way they are this epic couple in love. Just no way. He is gay and so is she….but hit the opposite sex occasionally. He'll gravitate back to the guys as she will the girls. You're so delusional and pathetic!

      • Michelle

        What made you such an angry person?  You should seek help for that.  It's interesting that you refuse to believe they are a couple, in spite of all the evidence, but you will believe they are gay, when there is NO evidence.  Why is that?

        I'd say you are the delusional, pathetic one.

      • Anon

        Not angry in the least. Just sick of pathetic people who think these gay actors are actually in these hetero relationships. Work in HW and you'll see the truth. 90% of the actors are gay. And trust me, Rob is not in the 10% category.

      • Atlbgl

        Kristen talked to Josh Horowitz about the gay thing. Kristen said it made him so mad. Josh said who is so mad? Kristen paused then said, my brother. She didn't want to say Rob. This is by far the most rediculous rumor ever started about them both. Absolutely crazy. They are in love with each other. Not seeingor admiting it has to be a kind of mind game at this point.

      • Angel


      • idiots!

        Obviously you care you dumbass since you are sitting there looking up robert and kristen gossip.

      • Eagles125

        LOL Obviously all of us because we are there responding to comments.

      • Good ? Michelle!!!

        You know what Michelle you asked a VERY good question. Anyone care to answer that..since you know..your all SO sure they are NOT dating and both are gay and in it for money when you have no evidence so prove such a thing?

  • Angel


  • Vandy

    I didn't spend a single Christmas day with my husband until I was married to him. We both always spent it with our families – even when we were engaged! They're just kids folks – get over it.

    • Anon

      Ya, well, you're a minority. Probably not too close to your husband either.

  • just me

    how dare they? ;D

    • Anonymous

      No proof of Rob being gay?? Where have you been? He hates vaginas, uses lube for sex, didn't know how to answer the reporter if she were to ask him if he was gay….there are many many things over the years, those are only 3 examples. 3 too many. He and Tom being glued to eachothers sides for the whole time until  recently. Tom and he living together. Oh ya, best friends do that, so do gay lovers.

      • beans

        This is just nuts. Rob is not gay. He's with a woman. You've seen her. Her name is Kristen Stewart.

  • Emilyildivo326

    may ur love will be last forever

  • Emilyildivo326

    Trust to one another edward & bella.

  • Britt Solomon

    Er, reality check … they're together. All the 'hate' KS is getting is just a sad reflection of how silly little girls can't get along.

    Pathetic, really.

    Good on you Kirsten. Some of us who are actually women wish you nothing but good.

  • Rachel_jane36

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii    lllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee       twilight i love it i would do anythink   to see the  twilight crew!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heleena glover

    omg i love them so much espically the movie oh yea and am team edward cant deni it he is so ramantic and i think breaking dawn soundtrack is the best and if i was going to vist my familly in los angeles i would bring them to london to meet robert pattinson which somebody am shooting with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Heavenlyhalo2001

    well I heard that the christmas fam pic was photo shopped and if it was real  y  would a REAL  private  fam pic  b posted  online  and  he just looks soooooooooooo thrillered to have her there Rolling my eyes 

    Rob's Angel

    • beans

      The condition of hair and clothes In that pic looks like they were truly in that room together. It is so intimate looking. Shopped? I truly do not thinkit was.

  • Heavenlyhalo2001

    not to mention  how many months  was KS  in london and NO  one knew  where  she was staying  than  BOOM   Rob shows up to start all the BD press and ( waving my hands ) MAGICALLY  they know  

    makes one think 

    Rob's Angel

    • lq

      There was denial that he was ever there by all who doubt, and then he verified it himself he was there. He works and she was incredibly busy with this film. But he did go even tho it was for a very short stay. Your interpretations seem a bit of a stretch.

  • court jester from thedark side

    bella and edward are lovers. bella and edward are married. bella and edward have a child……pattinson and stewart no to the 1st, no to the 2nd, and definately no to the 3ird!!!

    get a grip kiddies…..let's repeat this again…….there is makebelieve and then there is reality.

    take off your rose colored glass  and  see the light!!! ha ha!

    • 4k

      It is astonishingly apparent that Rob and Kristen are becoming less guarded about their romance. Rob speaks about kissing Kristen on sandy beaches in St. Thomas, not Bella.Thatis was a lovely way to end filming Twilight. But frankly I will be just as excited to see where their careers go after the final pT.2 is over. Butit will be together. When there is this much activity involving their lives together, how can anyone say they aren't together? This is a big love. Rob has mentioned on several occasions the similarities with his own parents love story. Saying they aren't together is being stubbornly blind.

      • toby

        “EXACTLY”     Good job kiddo!

    • Shaniqua

      Joker say this w/ me”i hate Kristen Stewart because shes screwing my Rob Pattinson”,say it 10 times you'll feel much better after.

  • Guest

    Have to agree with you CJ, Rob did in the past say that they are not together except for the movie. Just the fact that they refuse to discuss it speaks volumes. You can't go on body language since KS gets up close and personal with everyone men and woman she hugs and hangs on to everyone.  IMO if Rob were not in the picture ppl would be saying she has a thing for Taylor, since they are more physical with each other than her and Rob. KS hugs and hold hands with everyone, only with Rob do some ppl see something that is not there.

    • lq

      There is a picture of Rob kissing Kristen just inside the doorway before they go out to put their hands and feet in cement. It like the insistance the world is flat with the nonnies. Believe it, the world is round. There are pictures and proof everywhere.

      • Anon

        Rob out with his REAL girlfriend, Sarah. Looks like she's the reason he's been always running back to L.A. and staying there. I knew he and Kristen were not the real epic love everyone thought. Good for him. As long as he's happy!

    • Guest

      Did you see the pic of Rob and the girl in the back seat with him? She is beautiful. There was a guy and a girl driving in the front. Like a dbl date I'd say.

      • lq

        Well, it seems all the persons at dinner and in the car are attached to a project and Rob is consideringit. They went outto dinner to discuss it. No girlfriend. Geesh, Rob goes out with females and everyone jumps to strange conclusions. Heis getting ready for a new project, he said in January. They habvme all been identified as producers etc.The Sarah girl is a friendof Kristens as well.

  • lq

    German interview: Rob was asked what was the craziiest things hes read on line. He said none of it is crazy really. He wished especially they could find something other than he's with another girl. It's all so boring. He wishes it was like he's from another time,or he's a Viking! Rob is so funny?

  • Kim Vicious27

    i personally dont think they are together, but then again when you are in close contact with someone for like five years and have to pretend to love each other, it could blossom and become real. if they are happy, who cares. its not like all the little fan girls or boys have a chance with either of them anyway. some of the reasoning on this board is pathetic. saying they arent a couple just because they want to spend christmas with their families….. they are together all the time! they never see their familes! i would want to spend it with my family, too. and neither rob or kristen are gay.    also, everyone who keeps commenting on this multiple times…. pathetic. do something else. and stop calling everyone ELSE pathetic. k thanks bye