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Katy Perry Worried About Rihanna

Posted by Adam

KATY Perry is worried about Rihanna!

The I Kissed a Girl hitmaker apparently told the Umbrella singer to “slow down” following her recent hospital visit.

“Katy begged Rihanna to take some time off and get therapy,” a source said.

“Rihanna’s been self-medicating with booze ever since her split from Chris Brown, and it’s not getting better.

“She calls Katy in tears, saying how down she is and that her life’s controlled by her label. She just wants a loving boyfriend. ”

Even Katy’s husband Russell Brand, a recovering addict himself, has expressed concern.

“He told Katy that she had to step in because Rihanna is on a very slippery slope,” said the source. “She’s touched that they want to help, and she agrees that she must stop.

“She doesn’t want to be the next Amy Winehouse.”

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  • Eleanor

    OMG i hope she'll be better! ((((( also hope that Russel is allright with his booze problems

  • Mikemyster-

    Yeah right……..Riri, Bey, Cici, K.Hilson, S.Williams etc..etc, pleeeeese bl*ck out……you b*tches i hate you f*cklrnfjf05kckmck = jdh477

  • Prtypoison

    Rihanna acting out because her hubby has moved down the street and they have her stuck in the UK. Judging from her latest album and his latest twitter outburst they still want each other so the media and their fans need to just leave Romeo and Juliet alone. Damn!

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      I am also agree with your points.Well said…

  • shell517nj

    fact or fiction? I say fiction.