Kirsten Dunst Wanted Cameo in New Spider-Man Flick

Friday, December 9, 2011

KIRSTEN Dunst has been denied a comic book return in the new Spider-Man movie along with Tobey Maguire.

The Hollywood beauty says she and Tobey had hoped to make a cameo in Andrew Garfield‘s big screen debut as the famous webslinger but were knocked back by movie bosses.

“I wanted to do a cameo,” explains Kirsten.

“I had the idea of Tobey and I as extras and we’d just walk by in the background but it’s not in there. I love Andrew Garfield and I think Emma Stone (who plays love interest Gwen Stacey) is cute too. I think that they’re going to be really cute in the movie for sure. They look like they have good chemistry.”

Dunst recently revealed that she doesn’t like having her photo taken when she attends events.

“I hate red-carpet photographs! It’s such flat lighting! They take away my cheekbones — I just become a moonface,” she said.

“I hate those photos so much. I always look terrible. And they don’t know angles on faces. There is no artistry to it. I hate them!”


  • Bozwell

    I agree she does NOT photograph well.  “Hollywood beauty?” Is that the same as calling someone “special”

  • fariborz Zak

    she is good actress