Chris Martin Can’t Dance

Friday, December 9, 2011

CHRIS Martin dances like he’s having “some kind of fit”.

The Coldplay singer — who is married to Gwyneth Paltrow -- is famed for his bouncy moves on stage and even he acknowledges his dancing is not conventional.

“I dance in a strange, hopping, English way — it’s not technically dancing, it’s more like some kind of fit,” he said.

Chris — who is known for being open about his insecurities — insists when Coldplay play live he believes the four-piece are the best and in the world.

“For all the insecurity and paranoia off stage, on stage I f***ing love it. I love our band. And I have to do it. The fun of it, the joy of it,” he said.

“On stage, I don’t have any doubt about who’s the best band in the world. But only for 90 minutes.”


  • Tasos Apartmani

    He sure doesn't have moves like Jagger :)

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