Amanda Seyfried Washes Her Hair Every Three Days

Monday, December 12, 2011

AMANDA SEYFRIED doesn’t wash her hair very often.

The blond actress believes there’s no secret to her luscious locks.

“I wash my hair every three days which is something I would’ve never imagined years ago, but I also use dry shampoo and my hair is even healthier,” she said.

“I’m really scared of the sun. During the day, I use the Gentle Protective Emulsion moisturizer with SPF. And I don’t go to bed without putting on La Creme. It smells really good and when I wake up, I know my face is going to feel really good.

“Living in a society where there’s so much attention given to age-defying products, I’m really aware of how my face is changing, even at my age.”

Seyfried recently admitted she “daydreams” about becoming a mother.

“I can’t wait to have kids but I have to keep myself in check,” she said. “I’m not having a baby any time soon. I don’t even have a boyfriend, so it’s not going to happen. But I love spending time with babies and daydreaming what it’s going to be like for me.”