Jessica Simpson Bags $3 Million Weight Watchers Deal

Monday, December 12, 2011

JESSICA Simpson is earning a fortune from her pregnancy.

The actress — who’s expecting her first child with fiance Eric Johnson — has just inked an estimated $3 million deal with Weight Watchers, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

“The deal is in place, and after having her baby, she’ll start with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight,” a source said.

Simpson recently admitted that pregnancy is making her “cry at the drop of a hat”.

“That’s the one thing about pregnancy — I’ll cry at the drop of a hat. Even a great souffle would make me cry,” she said.

“I felt the baby move the other day for the first time and I had big crocodile tears. It was the coolest thing ever. It did a flip or something. I was like, ‘There it went. It’s there. It’s really there’.”

Jessica explained she has also been craving comfort foods throughout her pregnancy.

“This week it’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, toasted. And then, I’ll put some salt on my hand like I’m taking a tequila shot and then take a bite of the sandwich,” she added.


  • leahca

    Talk about motivation.
    Jessica Simpson is rightfully gaining weight while she's pregnant with her first child, but as Page Six reports, the pregnant celebrity is ready to drop those pounds to the tune of $3 million, as soon as she gives birth.
    Sources tell the newspaper, the blonde singer inked the deal with Weight Watchers, which should help her speed up the process for her wedding to Eric Johnson.
    Simpson's weight fluctuations have proved to be of great interest to the public, so it's somewhat surprising the 31-year-old isn't relishing one of the only times she can gain weight (relatively) free of public criticism.
    Still, this isn't the first time the star has promised to slim down for cash — and is currently in litigation over it.
    In 2005, Simpson was reportedly paid $500,000 to take part in an (unreleased) exercise video about losing weight, and instead, chose to gain weight and reap those benefits, alleges the CEO of the company that produced the video.
    Following comments Simpson made to Lucky magazine about how gaining weight made her more relatable to the average woman, and helped in creating a billion dollar fashion empire, Speedfit's CEO, Alex Astilean told the Huffington Post, he believes it was never Simpson's intention to be the spokesperson for the video.
    One thing is for sure, Simpson seems determined to make as much money off this pregnancy as possible. From unsuccessfully trying to wrangle $500,000 out of the tabloids to announce Hollywood's worst kept secret, to the first photos of the child (which aren't thought to bring in much money), to dropping the post-baby weight, the singer is making it clear her body and this baby is a business

    • Dasteadnewyork

      she didnt try to get paid for announcing her pregnacy she posted a pic on her twitter for free, saying she was gonna be a mom.