Steven Spielberg Won’t Convert Jaws, E.T Into 3D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

STEVEN Spielberg won’t make another E.T or Jaws movie.

The movie mogul says his past classics will stay in his back catalogue and he is resisting calls him to add to the wave of 3-D re-releases.

“I’m so busy looking ahead to all the movies I’m about to make, I can’t even imagine looking back and wanting to go back to something that happened a long time ago. I have no movies I’d like to re-do,” says the Oscar winning director.

“The only movie that I would ever even consider retrofitting is the first Jurassic Park, which I think would look pretty spectacular in 3-D.”


  • Dukes Travels

    What? He doesnt think a giant shark leaping at you would be awesome?

  • Eeatmysaua

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