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Simon Pegg Talks Twitter

Posted by Adam

SIMON Pegg has dished the dirt on the full horror behind one of the year’s most bizarre showbiz Tweets.

The Mission: Impossible star hit Twitter after discovering the gruesome remains of deer near his English country home but he’s now solved the mystery of how they got there.

“I live in the countryside and I’m kind of new to that part of the world,” explains Simon. “I grew up in the country but I never discovered a heap of dead deer parts!

“I was just wandering through the woods near my house and I found some heads and guts of Muntjac deer. Basically, what happens is the gamekeepers will shoot them and the carcasses are good for meat but they dump the rest.

“But it’s a grizzly discovery especially when your dog is up to it’s neck in offal and you don’t know what to do. That’s why I put it on Twitter — just to tell someone.”