Jeremy Renner: ‘Thank You, Tom Cruise!’

Friday, December 30, 2011

JEREMY Renner has thanked Tom Cruise for whipping him into blockbuster shape.

The Hollywood hunk says the intensive training he endured in order to play a special agent in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol meant he managed to dodge the gym for his all-action roles in The Avengers and Bourne Legacy.

“Tom prepared me for, especially The Bourne Legacy, for the sort of mental place to be to know when you’re doing an action sequence,” said Renner.

“It’s sort of getting on this really great program to really just not be in shape, but just prevent injuries. Tom Cruise introduced me to some really great physiotherapists and that sort of thing, to prepare my body for that sort of torture.”

Renner recently revealed he wants to star in a superhero movie all of his own.

The Hurt Locker star stars alongside Iron Man, Thor and Hulk in blockbuster movie The Avengers but is open to his Hawkeye character getting his own big screen adventure.

“It would be fun but I don’t know,” says Jeremy.

“They’d have to want me to do it. I’d have to make sure that there’s enough there to go do it. But you never know in the Marvel universe. It keeps it exciting.”