Bristol Palin Wants Her Own Reality Show

Friday, December 30, 2011

BRISTOL Palin wants a reality show.

According to reports, Sarah Palin — the former Governor of Alaska — is getting stick from her daughter and husband Todd for promoting her program while failing to fully support their bids.

“Sarah is getting flak from both Todd and from Bristol,” said an insider.

Todd’s proposed show about his snowmobile racing was shot down by both Discovery Communications and the A&E Network. Bristol is struggling to reinvent her scrapped Bio channel reality show, this time under a Kardashian-style format featuring her boyfriend Gino Paoletti and her 17 year-old sister Willow.

“To Sarah’s credit, she helped pitch Todd’s show,” noted the insider. “But he’s still furious. He thinks she didn’t work hard enough because it wasn’t centered around her.

“And Bristol’s upset because Sarah wants to stay out of negotiations for her show. Sarah isn’t thrilled with Willow being involved. But Bristol believes the show will be more marketable with Willow – that they can be the next Kardashian sisters.”

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