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Elizabeth Olsen Wallows in Mental Illness

Posted by Adam

ELIZABETH Olsen has developed an unusual hobby thanks to her role in psychological thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene.

The 22-year-old little sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen now likes to spend her time wallowing in mental illness due to her dark role in the film.

“I can’t get enough of psychology now,” says Elizabeth. “I find mental illnesses fascinating.

“In fact, right now I’m taking a class on Freud at NYU. It’s currently particularly interesting as there seems so often that a person has the struggle of not understanding certain boundaries and societal rules any more.

“There’s been quite a lot of readjustment of the moral compass in our lives today.”

Olsen recently revealed that she started making movies in kindergarten.

“I grew up in LA with a really creative group of kids and everyone’s family did something in the industry so we started making movies in kindergarten, the first thing I did was Wizard of Oz in kindergarten, which my friend Clay and I spearheaded,” she said.


  • Ah_itsTheGreatFink

    I love the quote and agree passionately… “There’s been quite a lot of readjustment of the moral compass in our lives today.”… such is not just the weight of are day to day lives, but the burdens that we weigh. Not a very good or even a half way descent post, but a post no the less.

  • Sprmcandy

    Beautiful girl.