Sienna Miller Pregnant!

Friday, January 6, 2012

SIENNA Miller is pregnant.

The 30-year-old actress and her boyfriend Tom Sturridge, 26, are expecting their first child together, Us Weekly has reported.

The couple — who have been together for several months — are said to be thrilled with the happy news but although they expecting a child they “don’t have plans right away to marry”.

Friends of Sienna have given actor Tom the seal of approval and are delighted for the couple and “not surprised by the news of the pregnancy”.

“Her friends are really happy with her relationship with Tom,” a source said.

“He’s younger, yes, but he’s mature and he’s a good guy … They’re really good together. They just spent the holidays in Paris together after they announced the news in London.”

Sienna started dating Tom — who is friends with Robert Pattinson — just a few months after she split from fiance Jude Law for a second time in February 2011.

They initially separated in 2006 after he was revealed to have cheated on the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra actress after he was revealed to have cheated on her with his children’s nanny.


  • Lora

    Wow…really surprised. I thought she was bearding for Tom. I guess he really does like girls. I wonder how Rob feels about all this…..he’s lost his boyfriend. Maybe that’s why he’s been seen all over by people being depressed. Poor Rob.

    • Peri

      Yikes, as if Sienna Miller would beard for someone. Where do these thoughts come from? Rob is happy as can be, with Kristen.

  • lq

    I know it won’t stop the preposterous comments about Tom and Rob both being gay, even though Tom spends much time with S. and Rob is always with Kristen, it is proof they aren’t together as some of the crazy ones here have said. S&T have been in Paris and then London. I suspect it’s why she bought a home, a home for the baby. Must be at least 3 or 4 months along as public announcements are usually after the 12 week time frame. I wish them happiness and joy. It’s such a wonderful time in ones life.

    • Lora

      Yes, I am happy for them, and I think it’s great….just very surprised! I guess when you find the right one it all falls into place. Congrats Tom and Sienna!!

  • Lora

    To: Court Jester…..what do you have to say about this????

  • L Quintana

    This is a major joke. Everyone in the know is laughing! if the coke head sienna is prego, i really doubt its toms. The woman loser. Dont think toms family would approve! Ha ha!

    Really. You twits actually believe this drivel?

    • Lora

      Well, what do you think the truth is? Is she just a beard for Tom? Why would they say it’s his kid then? Are they really going all out to these lengths to protect Rob? So if you’re in the know….tell us!!!! I for one find it hard to believe, I was shocked. I thought Tom was gay and a total coke head. Please tell us what you know.

      • Lora

        So is Tom going to raise this child then?? It is sorta funny. I can’t see him as a dad.

  • court jester from thedark side

    tom s. a daddy? really? a mommy maybe but not a daddy!  gee i wonder what a crack baby looks like?

  • court jester from thedark side

     really doubt sienna knows who the father is. could be anyone. she’s banged half of europe! ha ha!

    • Peri

      Is this truly who you are?mean as a snake and a very cold heart? Life is so lonely for those who have no compassion or empathy. Why anyone would seek out what you think is beyond me.     we all know before you write what you think, because it is always mean spirited.

      • luticia

        peri..stop looking at the world through rose colored glasses.  wake up and smell the coffee!  barbie and ken are not real people. i know that may upset you but deal with it! oh yeah, there is no santa claus either.

      • Peri

        Tiny hearted, tiny headed. case closed.

    • Lora

      Ok, so can you tell us what the hell is going on here? Why are they announcing this pregnancy with Tom?

  • Fariborz


  • court jester from thedark side

    gee, any wedding bells in the future? nah don’t think so.  come on peeps grow up. this so called love affair is not. and never will be. t s. is a gay man. nothing wrong with that, he just doesn’t boink girls.

    • Lora

      Can you tell us why then they’re announcing this pregnancy? Does he just want to be a dad? Or is she a surrogate for Rob and Tom?