Kate Middleton: 30th Birthday Will be a Quiet Affair!

Monday, January 9, 2012

KATE Middleton won’t be celebrating her birthday with a lavish party.

The British royal — who’s married to Prince William — turns 30 on Monday, but intends to mark the occasion with a low-key and private” affair.

Previous reports claimed Kate would see off her 20s with a fun ’80s themed party, complete with karaoke, in a throwback to her more carefree bachelorette days.

As previously reported on ShowbizSpy, Kate will be getting a bunch of new frocks from pal Victoria Beckham for her birthday.

Victoria has designed a special collection of dresses and accessories for Kate,” said a source close to the Beckhams.

“These will be exclusive to Kate. Victoria loves Kate’s style and has used that as inspiration for this gift. She is very excited for her to receive them.”