Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s Dirty Festive Holiday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

JENNIFER Aniston and Justin Theroux spent every night behind closed doors when they vacationed in Telluride, Colorado, over the holidays.

The pair rented out a private residence, and reportedly enjoyed each other’s company the whole time!

“Jen and Justin spent every night in,” a source told Us Weekly.

“They kept a low profile.”

Recent reports claimed Jen was left furious over the holidays because she expected Justin to propose — but he didn’t.

“She was all set to say ‘yes,’” a source said. “She was stunned. She started fighting with Justin, and the fight lasted for days.”




  • jilly

    Starts up with romance and every night enjoying each other’s company and ends up with fighting every night, which one is it?  I’m sure they had a great time and Jen can propose to Justin if she really wants to, nothing wrong with that.

    • CL.GARRY

      Much more better to invite Heidi Bivens on a cup of coffee

      • jilly

        One thing we can say about Justin is that he can stay in a relationship.  I hope he doesn’t want to be a PARTNER for ever but it’s a little too soon for a proposal anyway.

      • CL.GARRY

        Jennifer’s look with Norman was much more solid than with poor Justin.

      • jilly

        Be nice Garry. :)

      • CL.GARRY

        Be sure, Jilly, I’m. I say just 5 per cent of what I think about him.

      • jilly

        I believe you. Just try to take it easy on the guy.

      • CL.GARRY

        Right arguments in a right time    :)


    He needs space


    Justin has no reflex on paparazzi
    Almost Sean Connery

  • anon

    this showmance will be over after the credits roll, it’s all too convenient and too similar again: the media is reporting a publicity stunt for cash

  • Anonymous

    Illuminati mouthpieces are
    designed to be immature and frustrated role models

  • Ford Sharon5

    Maybe Jen is pushing to hard and Justin is drawing back.  If she would just try to give him space, and let it be his idea and when he wants to propose, then it will happen.  I do not know their private life, but Jen’s biological clock is ticking, and I know she wants it to happen. She just needs to take a deep breath and let Justin do his thing when he wants to. When you get intimate and in a hurry for a baby , that is scary to any single guy…

    • CL.GARRY

      He is a heroin addict infantile clown. Heidi Bivens can confirm that.