Nicole Kidman Kept Tom Cruise Away From Scientology?

Friday, January 13, 2012

NICOLE Kidman apparently encouraged Tom Cruise to back away from Scientology.

According to a lengthy piece by the Village Voice, the actress kept Tom away from the controversial church from 1991 to 2001, except for a few sessions in 1998.

Nicole and Tom were married from 1990–2001 and have two children together — Connor and Isabella.

“Nicole was really sour on Scientology and kept pressing Tom to stay away from Int Base,” said Marty Rathbun, formerly Scientology’s second-highest ranking executive.

“Nicole spotted David Miscavige and didn’t like what she saw. Her big issue was that Tom was becoming like Miscavige. Nicole didn’t like the relationship that was developing between them.

“She was sort of leading him away from it. I don’t think Tom did really anything from 1991 to 2001, except for a few sessions in 1998. And he hadn’t talked to Miscavige that whole period, which really drove Miscavige ape shit.”



  • Guest

    Maybe Nicole saw some lower-level Sea Org Scientologists doing slave labor for movie star- celeb Scientologists and realized that it’s not right.

                                                                            Nick “Louanne” Benton

    • Anonymous

      I believe another reason Tom Cruise had to be “recovered” into $cientology, is that after completing OTIII and finding out about Xenu the evil galactic overlord and DC8 space planes 75 million years ago, Tom was rethinking the whole thing.

      With the help of her parents Nicole was no doubt able to access more information about $cientology than the usual Sci-lebrity got at the time. She just noticed to the weird influence David Miscavige had over Cruise, and their doubly weird behavior in constantly fretting that she was a bad influence over him, that she might try to keep him away from it.

      It was a big $cientology success story that they got rid of Nicole and found a more pliant replacement.

      I wish someone would get Cruise out of his bubble long enough to read Tony Ortega’s fine exposition and weaving together of this story. Probably won’t happen. Cruise’s life is centered around the insane ramblings of L. Ron Hubbard, a pathological liar, and he gets such special handling and ego gratification from it, that he probably will never wake up.

      • Anonymous

        Well, one thing consistent with almost all cult departures, is that you get yourself out of a cult. Cruise is not exactly in isolation, he mingles with many non-Scientologists. Don’t tell me none of them has ever tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he’s aware of Scientology’s human right abuses.

        I’m afraid Cruise has gone from “poor, brainwashed victim” to “villain accomplice”.

  • Tracy

    My take is that Nic had to try it to know she didn’t like it. She probably has some secrets from her auditing that she doesn’t want released. And that is the reason she hasn’t spoken about any of it. We all know that’s how The cult keeps their zombies in line. Threaten to release their secrets to the public.

  • Synthia Elizabeth Fagen

    He should have stayed with Nicole.

  • Gsmith

    I’m glad Nicole is with Keith! They are perfect together. Someone was looking out for her and got her away from controlling Tom.

  • Ann Ononymous

    I have a huge amount of respect for Nicole for getting away from this parasitic cult. Parents are encouraged by Scientology to put the cult before the interest of children. Parents are even pushed to spend kids college funds on Scientology. What a bunch of jerks. 

  • Anonymous

    I see the Anti-Scientology Squad for Fabrication and Unfounded Innuendo (ASS-FUI) is out in force.

    If one ounce of their crap were 1% true, Scientology would have been disbanded decades ago. The more they lie, the more they disprove themselves. 

    The anti-Scientology media assault squad is about as credible as Tariq Aziz and Castro’s press releases

    • Anon A

      Keep on telling yourself that.  Maybe if you clap your hands and say “I do believe in Body Thetans!” loud enough, it might magically make the incredible amounts of BS spewed by the “church” of Scientology true.

  • Anonymous

    Will Nicole please eat something…

  • Vskb51

    Wake up people and look at how many other Hollywood celebs are being and have been taken in by this cult ie. Will Smith and wife for example. Leaving was the best move Nicole Kidman ever made and her life is so much better for it.  I feel for Katie Holmes who was duped by Cruise and the rest of these maniacs.

  • Myfarah94

    That was why the cult tried every possible way to break their marriage and they succeeded.