Bradley Cooper Believes in Therapy

Monday, January 16, 2012

BRADLEY Cooper “loves” therapy.

The Hangover 2 actor — who was recently voted the Sexiest Man in Hollywood — explained he didn’t seek professional help because of a personal “crisis”, but thought it would help him to “grow as a person”.

“Oh, God, I love therapy,” he said.

“It was not really a crisis I went in with, just getting turned on to that aspect of wanting to grow as a person. I thought it was fantastic.”

Bradley — who has formerly dated the likes of Renee Zellweger and was recently linked to Avatar actress Zoe Saldana — admitted having to survive on a strict diet and exercise regime for his role in The A-Team was a “crazy” experience, and while he found the results aesthetically pleasing, it is not something he could commit to long-term.

“I had a crazy training program,” he said. “From an aesthetic point of view, yeah, it was unbelievable, but not from a lifestyle point of view.

“Halfway through the film, from the scene where I don’t appear, I basically started eating pizza and ice cream.”