Madonna: ‘Lady GaGa Copied me!!’

Monday, January 16, 2012

MADONNA thinks Lady GaGa‘s single Born This Way is similar to her smash hit Express Yourself.

Critics had pointed out similarities between the tunes, but Madonna herself had been quiet on the subject until now!

“When I heard it on the radio …I said that sounds very familiar,” Madonna told ABC News. “It felt reductive.

“I certainly think she references me a lot in her work. And sometimes I think it’s amusing and flattering and well done.”

Madonna recently admitted she is a “details freak”.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a control freak, but I am a detail freak. I chose the costumes, the locations, the lamps, the tables, the carpets, the drapes — everything,” said Madonna, who directed, produced and wrote her new movie W.E.

“I also liked to put the finishing touches on the actors before they did their scenes — you know, with their hair or clothes.

“Putting on a bracelet or something on to Andrea Riseborough‘s wrist gave me an emotional connection before directing her. Some of the jewellery we used was actually Wallis Simpson’s.”


  • Mr. S

    Lol…Madonna is the last person to cry copycat last time I checked she has copied ABBA, Cher and Monroe O and the British w/ that phony accent of hers’. So Madonna sit the Hell down and zip it cuz all you are showing is how big your ego is and how self centered you are.

    • Randy-rahman

      i dont kno u but i love u

    • CL.GARRY

      EXACTLY Mr. S!
      And all the world can observe the center of her world.

    • C-jayMons†er

      Don’t forget Marilyn Monroe & Bette Davis. 

    • Ari

      She was making a tribute to ABBA, she has nothing to do with Cher and she was also making a tribute to Monroe (she loves ABBA and Monroe). Please have some knowledge! really? defending Gaga like this is no useful!

  • Tbhunter1

    I did look up “reductive” and found a picture of Madonna!


    first look at yourself…

  • Furball

    Madonna can’t handle the fact that she’s a has-been!

    • Dan Dan

      Has Been?? Over the course of her extraordinary 3-decade career, Madonna has sold
      over 300 million albums and holds the record for the most successful
      tour by a solo artist in history. She is a 9-time Grammy winning singer,
      songwriter, producer and a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. after the release of her album “Hard Candy” [2008] which debuted at No. 1 in 27
      countries including the US, UK, Canada, France and Australia.

  • D!VA

    She is a bitter bitch. She herself never really did anything it was always her record label and management. Yes she was an Icon but at least Gaga really does do all her own stuff. And Born This Way is NOT a copy. There are some similarities but any person with some musical knowledge can tell its not a copy. Sorry Madonna I guess you have no musical knowledge or your just pulling the same shit you did when you first entered the music world. She was always rude and nasty just to get attention and it seems her tactics haven’t changed. She has to bring others down in order to gain some media time. It’s people like her that will never be a true musician and I can never respect because they treat no one with respect just so they can sell some of their shit. GROW UP MADONNA!!!! Stop acting like a middle-schooler! 

    • CL.GARRY

      Not “madonna” but CHICCONE!

    • Ga-goyle

      Ummm…it is a copy.  You don’t have to be a musical genius to know that but since you went there, I have a degree in music.  The melody is very similar and so are the chord changes.  The groove is different but not enough to say it’s a different song.  Having said that, it’s not like Madonna invented the wheel.  Her rise came from the help of video being the new medium.  There are many who did the same thing before her such as Elton John, David Bowie and Cher, to name a few.  Lady Gaga has a better voice and plays piano.  That’s where the imitation stops. 

    • Ari

      Madonna doesn’t have the need to bring attention to her. But she has ALL RIGHT to say she influenced Gaga, its just the truth, and I beg you!!! please investigate what Madonna has done, and what Gaga is doing! People under 25 can be fooled by Gaga’s: “Oh I was bullied! Oh I’m a loser! Oh I love the gays!” It seems so fake and rehearsed. On the other hand, she is defending gay rights but not in a very sutil useful way. She has to know that being gay is being like everyone else and not refering to different people like “monsters”. STRAIGHT PEOPLE will just make an stereotype because of that… 


    • Motoxgirl_162004

      Thank you!!! Any artist out there should be addressed with this issue……all songs are gonna resemble one or another in some way…..people aren’t that original these days anyways, and if they like the beat….why not use it and maybe tweak it, let’s face it, this has been happening for forever……give it up already……js

  • janelly juarez

    oh madonna ur full of shit get over it ur old already lady gaga is amazing <3 

  • Macklingf

    ok, has anyone heard Jessica simpson’s song “a public affair”… that has the same tune as Madonna’s song “holiday”… why wasnt she complaining about that one?

    • Tigerg33

      Because nobody listens to Jessica Simpson lol

    • Karissa

      Because she wasnt asked about Jessica Simpson. The only reason she said anything about Gaga was because she was asked. She didnt even bring up born this way the interviewer did

    • Kevin

      That is because Jessica Simpson got PERMISSION to sample Holiday and paid to use it but Lady Gaga stole the sample and tried to deny it

  • Kevin

    Madonna is a exceptional artist.  I also think GaGa is also.  2 females that stand out in their own decade “s”.  They both  are exceptional.  
    I don’t hear the likeness at all.  Try to sing the words to “Born This Way,” with Madonna’s music, or reverse it and try to sing Madonna song, with Born This Way music.  The music and words don’t go.
    I am So Surprise that Katy Perry didn’t get more news on copying “Everything She Said,”  that music you can start and finish which ever words you wanna use. Now that was coping.

    Madonna I guess needed news, and Lady Gaga was her Victim. Madge is the Queen of Pop.  Sorry Beheaded she is.  Rest in Peace.  But I think Madge will haunt us.

  • Cat Wilcox

    I use to groove to Madonna’s music in its day and I love Lady Gaga and her music, but this whole comparison thing is getting really annoying.  I use to be in awe of Madonna, but if I had to compare the two today…Gaga blows her out of the competition with personality, devotion to the fans, singing, playing instruments, etc.  Madonna is digging it deep for her own demise in my opinion.   

  • meme

    I watched the interview and Madonna did the best job in expressing her thoughts on the matter. She is not a ‘has been’ , she is an icon, if Lady Gaga can still stay relevant and maintain the same high level star power she has right now 10 years from now maybe we can talk, but Madonna has maintained that star power for decades- she is constantly reinventing herself to adjust with the times and with whats going on in her life. Maybe she did reference some people in the beginning of her career but not so much where people were basically saying she is copying or stole that identity. 
    Lady Gaga is good for what she is NOW , I don’t think she will be relevant 5-10 years from now, cause with technology and the short attention span of fans nowadays someone else will attend an award show in a rainbow shaped egg and fans will piss themselves to watch- but some of her music is great now and she can be fun to watch.
    Lady Gaga has accomplished alot but Madonna is who you emulate- she is who you look too a woman who has found success in multiple areas in the media industry.
    Also I did think she stole the beats from ‘Express yourself’ song.

    • Motoxgirl_162004

      Who hasn’t referenced another artist in the past? Really people……thats why when celebs get interviewed and asked who influences their music they say people like Madonna…….hello, its called inspiration for a reason……and gaga can adjust to the times and what fans want….she already has……

  • Tigerg33

    Madonna is the queen of pop and has set the standard for female singers. I love gaga, she’s the new Madonna

    • Motoxgirl_162004

      Agreed, but who set the standard for Madonna?…….she had to have an influence at some point in her career as well…….think about that…….

  • ARI

    Guys guys guys…and girls if there’s pne reading this: Please respect pop legends and music legends. Madonna is right on saying she influenced Lady Gaga, is true, we all know it. Born This Way and Express Yourself are very similar, even if I love Lady Gaga! Madonna just said what everybody knows is true. 

    Madonna 30 years of music business has at leat the right to say whatever she wants about new pop stars and not because she has been so long succesful, but because she HAS INFLUENCED all of them. 

    Guys stop the fighting, I do love Gaga, even if her “I was bullied! I love the gays! I am a loser” speeches bore me sometimes! Her music is good. Madonna is the woman that build the road for everyone else, that’s all. DON’T HATE POP STARS! ENJOY THEIR LEGACY AND MUSIC! DANCE TO THEM! AND …. THEY DON’T CARE IF WE FANS FIGHT! THEY ARE MAKING LOTS LOTS LOTS OF MONEY!!!

  • Mike

    Madonna needs to shut the hell up and do something new. Shes obviously bored with her life now. I hate when celebs think everyone else wants to be them. I dont know many who want to be madonna. Gaga wants to be gaga, not a has been. Its 2012. We dont need the 80s back. Shut up madonna,what you say means nothing. RETIRE!!!!

    • Tccbiggs

      Considering Madonna’s 2008 tour was a huge success, I suggest that you are quite wrong. I like Lady Gaga but she isn’t really all that innovative. It’s been done before.

  • Mike

    oh and continue to be you gaga, becuase your wonderful!

  • Tyson

    look how old and gross madonna looks in that pic..its horrifying! cheeks all sinking in and shit. sad! lets hope gaga lives a healthier life.

  • Kelsie

    i can totally picture her with grey hair.

  • Angel


  • Tccbiggs

    While Lady Gaga is probably the best current artist, she is very clearly borrowing from the greats like Madonna and Michael Jackson. Lady Gaga had acknowledged that. Born This Way is pretty much a copy of Madonna’s song. The critics pointed that out months ago when the song first came out. Lady Gaga’s whole image borrows heavily from Madonna. Madonna has had long and successful career. She deserves to be respected for her contributions. Lady Gaga has only been around a few years. She’s not an icon yet.

  • Xhrisfitz

    Madonna sampled/copied “Express Yourself” from The Staple Singers’ “Respect Yourself” so she is no one to be talking about people ripping her off.
    Second of all, Madonna has been in and out of the spotlight and I think that she is jealous that Lady Gaga was the highest paid entertainer last year and the world’s most powerful person.

  • Ben German

    There is no comparison between Madonna and Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga can actually sing brilliantly and Madonna can’t sing for shit.