Vanesa Hudgens Has Love/Hate Relationship With The Internet!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

VANESSA Hudgens hates the internet — but admits she loves shopping online!

The former High School Musical star says has developed a love/hate relationship with the World Wide Web with the emphasis on hate.

“I do hate the internet,” says Hudgens. “I mean I love it because it makes shopping on line possible and that’s one of my guilty pleasures. But, aside from that, the internet just makes everything way too accessible.

“Like back in the day studios controlled what the audiences saw of the celebrities, the actors, but nowadays there’s paparazzi following you around every single day.”

Hudgens recently credited watching Disney movies with helping her to become an actress.

“I was a very shy and quiet kid until my parents took me to see my first Disney movie, Snow White,” she said.

“After that I would always hum and sing the songs and dress up as Snow White. Funny how dressing up and singing songs in High School Musical actually made me apart of the Disney family.”