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Tom Cruise Has Placenta-Based Facials

Posted by Adam

TOM Cruise‘s beauty secret has been revealed — and it’s not pretty!

According to a new report, the actor, 49, has enlisted the services of a beautician to give him placenta-based facials in the run-up to next month’s Oscars.

“Tom loves it because it keeps him looking young,” a source said.

Tom — who turns 50 in July, 2012 — recently insisted getting older won’t slow him down.

“I feel good,” said Cruise, who is back on screens in Mission: Impossible 4.

“I just did Rock of Ages and I felt good. I feel very lucky to still be doing this and to still be able to do it the way I want. I’m excited about turning 50 but it won’t change me.”


  • Joxearkaitz

    It may be a lie, as many other things said about Tom Cruise in the media hav proven to be.

  • Chin Up

    What’s new?   Jennifer Aniston eats them (placentas) to look young.   Too bad, she ate a placenta from a horse.   Now she looks like an aging transvestite horse.

  • Growinthings

    Who cares…..the guy is a couch jumping nut cake!

  • Michael C

    Are you sure it is not due to the gallons of leche that Tammy has received in her mouth and culo over the past 35 or so years?

  • Michael C

    She looks so silly wearing a suit….big girl clothes!

  • Brandon Harlow

    Ms. Thang is really losing it now! Does she still wrestle red-headed porn stars to keep fit?