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Heidi Klum and Seal to Divorce?

Posted by Adam

This one comes as a surprise!

According to TMZ, Heidi Klum is to divorce husband Seal.

The website claimed the sexy supermodel will file divorce papers in L.A. County Superior Court as early as next week and will cite “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the divorce.

The couple married May 10, 2005. They have 3 biological kids. Seal adopted Heidi’s eldest girl from a prior relationship.

According to Forbes, in the last year alone, Klum raked in $20 million. It’s unclear how much Seal made.

Heidi and Seal are famous for renewing their vows every year on their anniversary in a lavish ceremony.

Klum has previously revealed she thinks her marriage is strong because she and Seal are “opposites”.

“Part of why we’re so good together is that, in a lot of ways, we’re opposites,” Heidi said. “I’m speedy, and I don’t like sitting still for long. My husband is the most patient person I’ve ever met. He can explain something to the children for hours, and I will just say, ‘OK, this is how it is.’

“We’re both really creative people. We may have some different passions, but we love and respect and trust each other.”

While Heidi thinks she and Seal are opposites, the 37-year-

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  • Lklindo16

    I really didn’t see this one coming.
    Sad, as she has constantly been pregnant with his children and now its over.
    I hope this is not true.

  • Stephanienorales

    I Hope This is not true.It just a stupid rumor like always.I really hope that Heidi & Seal are Still Together because they are a strong couple and they have four beautiful children together.

  • Gracieforshee

    Say it isn’t so, this one is a shocker!  I do’t think anyone saw this coming.  I feel so sad for them and their precious children

  • Mooooo

    All the Celebs are doomed to marry and divorce. Why bother marry if you can’t handle it?

  • Kathy1020

    Did He cheat on her? Did she neglect him/