Whitney Houston — Broke as a Joke!

Monday, January 23, 2012

WHITNEY Houston is reportedly “broke as a joke”.

The 48-year-old singer — who has overcome crack cocaine addiction — has allegedly spent all of her fortune and is being financially supported by her record label Arista, which has given her an advance payment on her next album.

“Whitney’s fortune is gone,” a source said.

“Music industry heavy hitters are supporting her and her label is fronting her cash against her next album, but no one knows when that will be released … She might be homeless if not for people saving her. She is broke as a joke.”

Whitney — whose ex-husband is Bobby Brown — is believed to be in such a dire financial position she has even had to resort to contacting friends for small loans.

“She called someone to ask for $100. It is so sad. She should have Mariah Carey money, and she’s flat broke.”

In August 2001, Whitney signed the biggest record deal in music history at the time with Arista/BMG, renewing her contract with the label for $100 million to deliver six new albums.

She released her last LP I Look to You in August 2009.


  • Nobu

    If this is true, it’s so sad what happens to these stars who get involved in drugs and the HW lifestyle. Unfortunately it happens to alot more of them than we know. I hope she recovers and is ok. Good luck Whitney!

  • Atmengineering

    To Set The Record Straight From All Of This Empty ill informed Drool, Whitney Houstons Net Worth in 2012 is estimated @ between $ 115,000,000 and $300.000,000 . Furthermore,to refer to Miss Houston, (the most celebrated and award winning female artist in Music History) in such a deragatory way after her tradgec  death, is the act of a pathetc and morally bankrupt cowward who never was and never will be.