Charlize Theron Comes Out The Closet!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

CHARLIZE Theron likes to wallow in trash!

The Oscar winning beauty has “come out” as a reality TV addict insisting that following the likes of Kim Kardashian actually helps her movie performances due to the stress-busting qualities of their shows.

“I am a closet reality TV watcher,” says Charlize. “The more brain-dead they are, the more I like them. I realized a while back that the only thing I could do in my trailer to pass time was to watch these shows.

It’s almost like having a massage because your brain doesn’t have to think about anything and you’re not thinking about what’s happening outside of the trailer. Reality TV is like an instant off-switch for my brain.”

The actress recently admitted she cannot concentrate if she is surrounded by mess and will not stop until everything is tidy again.

“I have a bit of an OCD. I have to be incredibly clean and neat and tidy for some weird reason because otherwise my mind just switches off,” says Charlize, 36.

“I have to tidy up. I can’t help it but it is just one of those things.”