Drew Barrymore Fulfills Diving Dream

Thursday, February 9, 2012

DREW Barrymore used her latest movie to fulfill her own underwater ambition.

The Going The Distance actress says she was finally able to take the plunge as scuba-diver while shooting whale drama Big Miracle — and she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“I really wanted to scuba dive,” says Drew.

“I was like ‘Don’t let anyone else do this. I wanna do it’. So I did go scuba-diving in Alaska and I swam with a bunch of Harbor Seals.

“It’s so quiet down there, its like ‘Oh, good-bye world. Thank you’. But its also really cold.”

Drew recently revealed dancing cheers her up when she’s feeling down.

“I wish the dance club era would come back, it’s sort of happening in a more young-rave kind of a way, but it just makes me happy if anybody is dancing,” she said.

“I think dancing really helps you forget about all the troubles in the world.”


  • Toby

    Drew “Rocks!!”  Never forget that day I saw her filming @ a game I was at,at Fenway Park!