Daniel Radcliffe is an Atheist

Sunday, February 12, 2012

DANIEL Radcliffe is a “militant atheist”.

The 22-year-old star was brought up in a Christian/Jewish household, but believes it is important to separate religion and education because he thinks sex lessons are important.

He told attitude magazine: “I’m not religious, I’m an atheist, and a militant atheist when religion starts impacting on legislation.

“We need sex education in schools. Schools have to talk to kids from a young age about relationships, gay and straight. In Britain it’s better – more of a conversation is being had.”

Daniel continues to have a vested interest in politics, but having supported the Liberal Democrat party in the last UK election, he now thinks he is more of a Labour follower, because he believes they stand up for more left-wing values.

He said: “I will probably be going to Labour. From what I’ve seen of Ed Miliband I really like him and he speaks for what I believe in. I think he’s genuine, genuinely left wing and will act as such if he gets in.”


  • http://twitter.com/CareyF24 Carey Faherty

    Please get it right: It’s Protestant/Jewish household. His father is Northern Irish which is under rule of the UK, the UK is Protestant. The Republic of Ireland is Christian.
    Granted there isn’t much difference in the religions, but it has and continues to cause many problems in Northern Ireland.

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  • Albert

    When people will grow up in this world? I think at least two generations must die to rip off all medieval beliefs.Luckily youngest people are not brainwashed like their ignorant, scared parents would.
    Internet will be the down fall of all religions in 50 years or so. ( hope to live to see it! )
    The humanity must look to progress to survive, not to Bronze age stupid beliefs.
    And , yes, Americans, i’m talking to you, where 85% people believe in an imaginary friend, and 55% believe in creationism! Absurd