Angelia Jolie Struggles With Celebrity

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ANGELINA Jolie insists she still struggles with the glitzy side of being a movie star.

The Tomb Raider beauty will be walking the red carpet again at this month’s Oscars but she’s no more comfortable with the big night than she was the first time she attended.

“Every now and then I get a dress on and I walk a red carpet but it’s kind of that funny thing you do,” says Angelina.

“It’s a party you go to occasionally but it’s not who you really are. It’s all just part of the job. I have a real view of the real world and I am very happy in the real world. Waking up in the morning and knowing your children are healthy and happy is all that matters.”

Recent reports claimed Jolie is surviving on just berries.

“She requested bowls of the berries, and that is all she ate during the day, even though there was a full buffet lunch on offer,” a source said.

“She said she was so busy with the kids that she forgets to eat, and that when she does sit down she prefers all her fruits and vegetables to be organic.

“She particularly likes exotic berries and was talking about how they were packed with nutrients.

“Angie looks painfully thin. She laughs off suggestions that she is too thin or unhealthy in any way and puts it down to her busy lifestyle.

“But she is looking unhealthy. Everyone was talking about how her shoulder bones were protruding.”


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  • Justwondering

    6 nannies, a cook, cleaners, personal assistent… yeah, she really has a realistic view on life. 

    • jilly

      That would be the PSYCHO LIFE of Angelina the HOllie!

      • CL.GARRY

        Wow 6 nannies, assistants, and cleaners – possible to arrange a not bad orgy

      • Greginmtk

        Psycho life?  Really?  You mean when she is acknowledged for bringing attention to the awful affects of war and rape used?   Or when she’s discussing refugees and hardship from war with the Criminal Court in Berlin?  Or maybe when she’s awarded recognition for her directed film on the terrible Bosnian/Serb conflict and genocide?  Or maybe because she wants her children to be well and happy? 

      • jilly

        Yes, the script that she stole and the awful affects of war and the rape that she made a love story out of.  No matter how she put up a show for public, she is still a crazy HO.  Sorry to hurt your feelings but it is what it is!

      • Greginmtk

         Way off the mark as usual.  Facts, also as usual, wrong.  Ridiculous name calling, as usual.  Keep your hate in check, dear.  My feelings are never hurt by the likes of you.  But your offensive, tasteless remarks insult all reader’s intelligence.

      • CL.GARRY

        I’d like to insult the readers intelligence too 

      • jilly

        This is the War Hero and caring woman that Greginmtk is talking about, thanks very much for the input everyone!  Garry is this first picture real or photoshoped???  No wonder they don’t want their kids to google them, OMG!!!

      • CL.GARRY

        Jilly, you ask me like I’m a photographer. I’m not. Every body can open Google “Jolie ass” and enjoy   :)

      • jilly

        If this is a real picture of her, then Brad should go and kill himself, really!

      • CL.GARRY

        Because he is on that picture too?

      • Justwondering

         I find it utterly disgusting that a woman who self proclaimed she had to cut to feel anything, and is into heavy S and M, wore blood from her husband around her neck, made out with her brother, and was a junkie when that war and the atrocities happened, is so narcistic and delusional she has to USE the misery of other for her own ego.
        She doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

    • Greginmtk

       And you certainly have a realistic view of what she said,   Not.

  • Steven

    I wonder what kind of berries she eats cause she is gorgeous.
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