Johnny Depp to Settle in Hollywood?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

JOHNNY Depp is planning to settle down in Hollywood.

The actor — whose relationship with partner Vanessa Paradis is rumored to be on the rocks — has bought a mansion in LA’s Hollywood Hills, plus the surrounding properties, in order to set down new roots.

Depp has already built his own studio so he can spend more time recording acts signed to his music label as well as working on his own material.

“Johnny owns a few properties but he’s investing a lot of time and money into his new Hollywood home in a bid to settle there,” a source said.

“Whether that’s as a single man or with his family is not clear yet.

“But what is obvious is how much time he’s going to dedicate to music.”

Recent reports claimed Depp is planning to snub this year’s Oscars over rumors of his relationship problems

“Johnny feels he can’t win,” said a source close to the actor.

“If he turns up with Vanessa it just looks like they are trying to make a point of being seen together while if Johnny goes on his own it furthers the rumors.

“Johnny is now unlikely to go to the Oscars at all.”

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  • Avmir

    Ridiculous! they have the mansion on Hollywood Hills for years…since the 90′s and their children go to school there…

  • tega

    Where are you getting your information from???? Johnny has owned a mansion in Hollywood for many years… even before he met Vanessa.  He said in a recent live interview that his time in France is  limited due to tax issues and them wanting him to become a citizen if he stays there too long so they are back and forth between here and France but they spend more time in LA b/c his kids go to school there.   It would make sense for him to have a studio since Vanessa is a singer and he now has his own label.  I would like to see him at the Oscars but if he decises to go or doesn’t go that’s his business. 

  • Shel

    Sounds like maneuvering regarding custody of the kids. They probably don’t want to leave their school and friends. Someone posted on another site that VP was planning to enroll them in the most exclusive schools in Paris.  The People mag article said he owned several houses in the hills near the Chateau Marmont and they showed pics of his new mansion in England – did he change his mind about that?  A year or two ago, his buddy Jonathan Shaw talked about touring Depp’s huge new LA-area “compound” via golf cart; it had everything and you didn’t need to use your hands to open doors, use faucets, etc. Their chateau in the south of France has a recording studio. Depp’s record label, Unison Music Studio, is in the LA area.

    • guest1

      I remember when they said  he bought a home in Venice on the canal and it was all over the tabliods and internet and when he was asked about it in a press interview he said it was false and he had never even seen the place, so I find it hard to believe anything at this point.  I did see an article some time ago he bought property in England (Somerset) and was building an estate there but those could be false rumors also but having a home in England would make sense since he films there a lot in Pinewood studios.   

    • guest2

      Who knows? Recently there are some pictures of her arriving for a flight at LAX….

  • Agent 99

    Eva Green doesn’t like LA/Hollywood. Is she still in the picture, Spy?

    • guest2

      Who knows? Recently there are some pictures of her arriving for a flight at LAX….

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    Johnny’s first home since they’ve split. Which womens will go there who knows?

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    Depp is planning to snub this year’s Oscars