Jennifer Aniston: ‘Justin Theroux is Like a Serial Killer’

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

JENNIFER Aniston admits Justin Theroux reminded her of a serial killer when they first met.

The former Friends star says her boyfriend’s dark look and mood actually made her very wary of him on their first meeting.

“I met Justin about five years ago and I thought, ‘Woah he is very sweet and he was always very nice’,” she said.

“But I remember thinking he was very dark. At first you think he could be like a serial killer but he is actually the nicest person in the world.”

Meanwhile, sources say Aniston — who divorced Brad Pitt back in 2005 — doesn’t plan to marry Theroux — even though she’s told pals he’s her soul mate.

“Jen is happier than she has been for years and that’s all down to Justin,” a source said.

“They are committed to each other and see a future together but not as husband and wife. Jen has already told Justin that she doesn’t ever want to marry again.

“She wants a family and to settle down but marriage is just a bad memory as far as she is concerned.”


  • guest

    In other words, Jen got dumped again.

    • jilly

      Shut it guest, you’re not smart enough to read between the lines, really!

    • CL.GARRY

      No, guest, it’s you are dumped by your intellect. At all.

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