Robert Pattinson to Visit Stripclub With His Dad

Monday, February 27, 2012

ROBERT Pattinson‘s dad wants to go to a sex club with him.

The Bel Ami actor recently visited Berlin, Germany, and was taken with the city’s notorious sex joint, the KitKatClub, and when he told his father about it, he suggested they visited it together.

He said: “I was telling my dad about it last night and he sounded really into it. ‘I’m coming over – let’s go to the orgy club.’ ”

Robert — who is currently dating his ‘Twilight Saga’ costar Kristen Stewart — is close to his family and says they help him cope with the pressures of fame.

He told Culture magazine: “I do everything to hide because, if someone finds out where I am, there are people outside 24 hours a day. And that’s what drives you crazy, because you can’t escape.

“It makes you not want top go out — then you don’t meet anyone and just get insanely bored.

“My family think I’m insane. They are the only people I really let rip on — ‘I’m going to kill myself!’ My family all think I hate my job so much, but it’s just the boredom that gets to you.”


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  • Bettyel

    It must be hell to live your life in a fishbowl…even a gilded one.  Fame is great but very confining especially to someone like Robert Pattinson with so many devoted fans.

    • Toby

      I agree,it’s a shame really,especially a guy like him,outgoing,thrives on having fun.He wants to get out,hit the hot spots,rub off on other people in clubs,concerts ect,and he’s sooo restricted in what wiggle room he has.
      There should be legislation put in place,for a situation like his,that offers protection for him to get out,have fun with his buds,and release stress…..
      But,he’s treated like an isolated novelty,and I believe thats the way the movie industry prefers it,the larger the novelty,    “the more the promotional $$$$$$$”……… 

      • court jester

        really? really? legislation? seriously? gee what kind of legislation would you recommend jughead? read “mein kampf”, i’m sure you can find a few choice ideas!

      • Flippycortez

        WOW,you must really struggle to find friends.I ‘m guessing,you don’t have any,when you respond to people who were’nt even talking to you?