Blind Items!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1)  “This A list mogul and A list television and movie actor wants to sign one of the original divas to a new show. She was an A list singer and a first class diva but is now just a struggling C lister. All of his coworkers say no because the singer is all diva and no acting anymore. She has become a cartoon.” [CDAN]

2) “Sometimes stars have their significant others come visit them on the set at work. Such is the case with this acting couple. She came to his film set for a quick visit before hopping a plane back to her own film set. It was nice day, and the two of them went inside and shut the door. You already know what happened next: Fifteen minutes of noisy, trailer-rocking sex! Now, this wasn’t some quickie in a private place. This was a trailer, parked on a city street, with the windows wide open, and the two of them moaning so loudly that anyone within thirty feet could hear them! The actor’s bodyguard (who was stationed outside the trailer) was clearly embarrassed, and did his best to make sure that civilians were staying far away from the trailer, but there was nothing he could do about the crew members who were lingering nearby, enjoying the sexy entertainment. What is really odd to us is that people who know this couple have told us in the past that they are a PR setup and that the two don’t even like each other! So either they were putting on a very realistic performance to convince others that their relationship is legit … or they are now serious eff buddies.” [BlindGossip]

3) “This former A list mostly movie actor who now plays an almost supporting role to the fame of his B list actress mostly television wife is trying to give up bo*ze. He has had a lot of issues in the past when he has tried including some horrific vi*lence towards people close to him. Right now he has trouble working because he is going through such withdrawals that he shakes and sweats and looks like de*th most of the time. His wife is sticking by him though as she always has, despite her frequent injuries.” [CDAN]