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Blind Items!

Posted by Adam

1) “When this reality housewife was sharing the details about her sex week with this A list movie star. What she forgot to mention was that the reason was it lasted an entire week or weekend was because it took almost that long for the actor to get ready to perform. Our Housewife was very imaginative in thinking of new ways to make him performance ready but the drugs really made that difficult.” [CDAN]

2) “According to a source, there is a very religious actor (probably B/C list now) that seeks out members of his faith in Hollywood and if they don’t follow the tenets of the faith, turns them in to local leaders.” [BuzzFoto]

3) “While many people use Oscar parties as an opportunity to network, this well-known film actress just took it to a whole new level. After a few drinks, she started getting very bold in her approach of directors who might be amenable to hiring her. Even though she is only in her thirties, she is concerned that her offers are going to slow down as she ages, and she wants it to be known that she is willing to do whatever she needs to do to continue to get cast in good projects. To that end, she would walk up to a director, playfully throw an arm around his shoulders, and pose the following question: “So, who does a girl have to f*ck around here to get a job?” Fortunately for her, more than one director answered, “Me.”” [BlindGossip]

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