Jennifer Aniston Plays Matchmaker to Courteney Cox

Friday, March 2, 2012

JENNIFER Aniston is playing matchmaker to Courteney Cox.

The actress — currently dating actor Justin Theroux — is helping her former Friends costar find love following her split from husband David Arquette.

“Courteney used to be the one full of advice for Jen but now that’s all changed,” says a source close to the actresses.

“Now Jen has Justin and it’s Courteney who is facing up to be single for the first time in years. She’s having trouble adjusting to the change and it’s Jen who’s getting her through it. She’s full of advice and has even suggested a couple of guys she could date.”

Meanwhile. Aniston insists she doesn’t care that people think she’s miserable because she hasn’t had a baby.

The 43-year-old actress — who’s divorced from Brad Pitt and currently dating actor Justin Theroux — says she is happier than she’s “ever been” and hit out at “very narrow-minded” people who just assume the opposite due to her lack of kids.

“That doesn’t measure the level of my happiness or my success in my life, in my achievements, in any of that,” she said.

“I feel like I’m 30. I honestly didn’t start to feel my best until was in my 30s. Physically, I started eating better and taking better care of my body, in terms of being physical and exercise.”


  • jilly

    Garry where the heck are you today???  It’s been very busy and all you did was posting angie’s beautiful leg.  I hope you’re doing great.

    • CL.GARRY

      A part of time I devote to Just Jared site. Every article has there 100-200-300 commentators. Comment has a NUMBER, concrete TIME and no problems to see the whole situation. Unlike here when in a day you can’t get who were first, who the next – a total mess. 

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  • guest

    A man recommended by Jen?   LOL!   Will it look like a midget Dracula like her current paid amore?