Brad Pitt is Getting Strict!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

BRAD Pitt is getting tougher on his children — according to partner Angelina Jolie.

The couple raises six children together and Angelina — who has always been the stricter parent in the past — says Brad has now had to be more involved with the discipline.

“I used to be the tougher parent but since the birth of the twins, Brad’s had to play bad cop more often,” he said.

“It also depends on which of the children we are talking about. Brad has always had this incredible bond with Mad, who’s very smart, and Brad loves teaching him about history and art and culture — it’s an amazing thing to watch them together.

“I think I’m a little closer to the girls, maybe, but he’s always making them laugh. The children are usually very well-behaved though.

“Our happiest moments are probably in the evening before the kids go to bed. We often play together in our pajamas after dinner and it’s like having a party sometimes where we’re all dancing and jumping around and being silly.

“That’s when you really feel the beauty of having a family. It’s our little world.”



  • Guste

    A bit too late when your oldest is hitting puberty to set boundaries.:)

  • jilly

    Brad is too whipped to discipline anyone.

    • Toby

      I agree.

  • Flippycortez

    Getting strict with his children?
    Must be making up for lost time from HIS parents….

  • Toby

    Getting stirct with his children?
    Must be making up for lost time from HIS parents….


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