Selena Gomez Goes on First Spring Break

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Monday, March 5, 2012

SELENA Gomez is having her first Spring Break!

The actress — who’s currently dating singer Justin Bieber — and her BFF Vanessa Hudgens have jetted out to the set of their new film, Spring Breakers.

The film, starring Selena, Vanessa and James Franco, is said to be about “Four college girls who rob a restaurant for money to go on their trip to the beach, with a rapping drug dealer who bails them out of jail if they’ll kill his archrival, James Franco!”

“I’ve never been to spring break and we’re actually going to real spring break, Vanessa and I, so I’m totally nervous because I heard it is completely crazy, so I think this will be the best,” Selena said.

“We just spent like $300 on bathing suits at Target so we’re just basically wearing bathing suits and shorts the whole time. I’m so excited!”

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