Elizabeth Olsen: ‘Red Lights Made me Emotional’

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ELIZABETH Olsen says starring in spooky thriller Red Lights turned her into an emotional wreck.

The young sibling of the Olsen twins mixed filming the scary movie with her university education and the two didn’t always go together.

“It became detrimental in my personal life,” explains Elizabeth, 23.

“I remember having a meeting with someone at NYU because I took the semester off but then they told me that I didn’t have my papers in on time when I actually had.

“They expected me to pay for 40 per cent of my semester. I was having this conversation with this woman, eventually it all got cleared up, but immediately tears come down my face.

“I’m like, ‘I’m so sorry. I don’t usually, I’m really good, I can’t believe I’m crying right now.’ It was because my body was literally pushed so many times and there are so many easy buttons to get me emotional. I was so mortified.”

Olsen recently insisted she’s supported by her famous sisters.

“Mary-Kate and Ashley have celebrated my birthday with me every year since I’ve been in New York, my last four birthdays, and it’s been so special,” Elizabeth said. “Or when you have a fight with a boyfriend or a friend, or whatever, they’re here.”