Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Will Wait to Have Kids

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BLAKE Shelton and Miranda Lambert are planning to start a family!

Speaking to People magazine, Blake says that there isn’t anything he would change about being married to Miranda — and revealed the couple, who have been married for a year, are planning to start a family.

“It’s just so easy with her; we have so much fun being natural,” Shelton said.

“We are more concerned with how to protect what’s going on now than things we need to change.

“It’s just so easy with her; we have so much fun being natural.

“We just spent a week together in Oklahoma and we actually talked about that. I think we both agreed that we’re a couple of years away from seriously talking about kids.

“There is a lot [career wise] that is happening right now and it only happens once. We want to enjoy this and be able to focus on our careers so when it is time we’ll be ready to sit around and watch that happen.”



  • Morganhumphrey13

    i would love for blake and miranda to have kids it would be so fun and there baby would be so cute