Blind Items!

Friday, March 9, 2012

1) “This actor has developed an interesting side business. When someone within the entertainment industry runs into trouble and can’t pay off an expense through their regular accounts, this rich and powerful actor discreetly lends them the money at a very high interest rate. Need to pay off your pregnant jump off? Need to keep your house out of foreclosure? Need to square things up with your bookie? This is your go to guy. Some might consider the interest rates on the loans usurious. But for those who are able to keep their names out of the tabloids, their butts out of court, their creditors off their back, and their spouses in the dark, his services are priceless.” [BlindGossip]

2) “Which B list always movie actress was introduced to c*ke by her sisters who are also famous. Their favorite game was watching their not even teen sister get high on c*ke. That turned into an add*ction which turned into a nose job. A not very good one, but her acting career has not suffered.” [CDAN]