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Elizabeth Olsen Fears The Ocean!

Posted by Adam

ELIZABETH Olsen is up for anything when it comes to movie roles – as long as it’s not a Jaws remake!

The younger sibling of the Olsen twins says she has such a fear of sharks that she is making a point of not taking the plunge for any ocean-based productions that involve killer fish.

“I have a huge fear of the ocean,” says Elizabeth.

“I just did a movie that involved being around lakes and that was terrifying enough.

“If I had to swim in the ocean in a movie, fine I’ll swim in the ocean in a movie. But if I had to swim in the ocean with real sharks in a movie, I won’t do it because that is when I die.”

Olsen recently revealed she likes cooking.

“I’m a huge foodie,” she said.

“I love cooking and I love going to restaurants. I couldn’t be more happy to have a new set of pots. I started doing dinner parties when I was 17 and I haven’t stopped since.”