Simon Cowell: ‘Ego is my Biggest Downfall’

Monday, March 19, 2012

MILLIONAIRE music mogul Simon Cowell often believes his own hype — which causes him to fail!

The 52-year-old –  who lost all his money in the late 80s and ended up living back at home with his mother — admits his ego has been his biggest downfall.

“I’ve had many failures. The biggest were at times when I believed my own hype. I’d had smaller failures, signing bands that didn’t work, but my record company going bust, that was the first big one,” he said.

“I was a typical Eighties cliché. I had the cars, the house, the image and everything was beyond my means. I spent too much time at parties and then everything imploded.

“Amazingly, it felt quite a relief when it happened. It was the point when interest rates were 60 per cent, everything came crashing down. I got rid of everything — I had negative equity on my house

“Losing everything is probably the greatest lesson you learn. I went back to my parents’ house and started again. From then on everything I did was different. It was all about the work. I sold the Porsche, got a classic red TR6 for seven grand. I loved that car more than the Porsche.

“Sometimes you throw a pebble in the water – occasionally a rock – just to wind everybody up. When things get a little too comfortable I get bored. And yes, it amuses me.”


  • Kate

    it could happen again he should settle with a decent women he can trust not theses gold digger types and have a child.  

  • Toby

    He’s a fuck head,plain and simple…I can’t stand him!!!!!