Robert Pattinson Gets $100k Piano From Kristen Stewart!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

KRISTEN Stewart is one generous lady!

The actress reportedly bought her boyfriend and Twilight costar Robert Pattinson a $100,000 piano!

The present, sources say, is to mark the couple’s third anniversary.

“Kristen wanted to get a huge surprise for Rob for their anniversary later this month.

“Robert’s been playing the piano his whole life and admits it’s the perfect escape for him when the showbiz world, paparazzi and fans get too much. Playing the piano is Rob’s therapy when he needs to be alone, to think, to get emotional and creative.
“He’s really musical and loves to sing as well.

“Kristen has been searching around specialized, high-end piano shops in Los Angeles. She’s been talking to top musicians about the best piano for months. Robert has always wanted a Steinway grand, so that’s what she opted for.

“She blew $100,000, knowing that he’d love it.”


  • vangii

    IF this is true, it is very nice, but then again, i’m a rob’s fan! allot will be pissed, on both side, but what i can say, kristen knows and love rob, and rob love and knows kristen. what she do with her money, is her business, i wonder what rob will be giving kristen?

    • Guest

       You people will eat all the shit they spoonfeed you. Unbelievable!

  • Toby

    Steinway, and Baldwin  the best.
    Awesome gift.

  • Reneeblack56

    That was so wonderful n Kristen2 give 2 Rob what she loves n him

  • Guest

    Are you sure this is even true? These two act like they can’t stand eachother.

    • Toby

      NO he made the WHOLE thing up in his sleep.
      get a life, and brain will ya?….

  • Toby

    San Diego Padres?.Oh C’mon Rob get real,come on over to the winning side. No,not your Yankees,or your Padres,or Dodgers,a real team.Where’s your Red Sox garb?..

  • court jester

    if pats wanted a piano he would have already bought one for himself. a musician never lets another person buy his instrument of choice. i know he’s cheap , but   THAT CHEAP , DOUBTFUL! HA HA!

  • dona

    Hey Adam…where is all your moron friends K haters??? hahahahahahahahahah IDIOT MORON UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jilly

      Who are you calling UGLY?

      • Toby

        Jilly, b4 she can answer that, she has to figure out this article is from 13 months ago!! (ha ha)……her response to you, could take her a a while…

      • jilly

        Oh wow, I just noticed that, haha… let’s move to the present time and see what’s up…

      • jilly

        So, I’ll hear from dona sometimes in 2014 or 15…

      • Tobifornia

        Dona lives in back to the Future!! …….Hey that was you the other page right?

      • jilly

        That’s very true! Which page are you asking about?

      • Toby


      • jilly

        You would love to make me THINK, don’t you? What is FB and if there was any other name, then no. :)