Johnny Depp and Ashley Olsen Hooked up?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

JOHNNY Depp has apparently been hooking up with Ashley Olsen.

The actor — whose romance with longtime love Vanessa Paradis is rumored to be on the rocks — was spotted making a hasty exit from an office building connected to Ashley’s apartment building.

“He looked like he didn’t want to be seen,” a source told America’s In Touch Weekly magazine.

An office worker adds, “An e-mail went around to the employees saying Johnny Depp was using our building to try to avoid paparazzi.”

According to In Touch, Depp, 48, was secretly leaving 23-years younger Ashley’s loft after a sneak slumber party.

“It was quiet in her apartment, like it was just the two of them in there,” an insider recalls, and though no one outside can know what happened, “It didn’t seem like it was just a visit between friends.

“When he left the next day, he looked like he was out of it.”



  • jilly

    Johnny is not that shallow to hook up with a 23 year old, I totally doubt that.  Ashley Olson, really?????  She is not even hot!!!

    • Depp’s fan

      What’s the problem? I’ts predujice. Age is not a problem.

  • lexi

    John Stamos would kick his butt. If he did do this I would be done with him as a fan. I am sure so many would be too. I dont think he is that stupid to date someone who is young enough to be his daughter. That would be a sick move on his part and since he saw those twins as children that makes it even more disturbing. He would have to be like a child molester. I really hope he knows his career would be over if this is true and disney would drop him due to the bad rap. Even if his girlfriend decided to stay with him he would be done. He would be the laughing stock of Hollywood in a sick way. Next time he will hit the high schools. What if he had a heart attack on top of a young girl. I hope this rumor gets addressed or he is done. No parent would take their kids to see his movies. I mean would he date someone say ninety years old? Same thing really. Dirty old man. Gross. 

    • Kristina

      Lexi, your jig is up.  Since you’ve been trashing Depp for at least the last 5 years on various sites, frequently making up other names to respond to you, many people recognize your name and your style. We particularly remember your nastiness when his daughter was sick in the hospital. You have no credibility. Crawl back under you rock.

      And, not that it matters to you, this story is false.

    • rachel

      I’m agree with @Kristina..,You @lexi are an IDIOT;I know you very well,always doing the same nasty work,why the hate?..what wrong with you moron? This is a BIG LIE and I think nobody belive this.So leave him alone and do something useful with your life..use well your brain! Johnny I’m with you and I wish you the best ever! And he still look good and hot ..!

      • Depp’s fan

        I think that a real fan don’t care if this is true or not. A real fan will support Johnny even if he is with Ashley. It’s his life and he has my unconditional support and love as a fan.

  • DLH

    I guess you forgot to check your facts.  Johnny was in NYC to visit his long-time friend, Patti Smith, that weekend.  There were photographs of the two of them exiting a building.  He’s been working with her on music projects.  The Olsen twins (both of them) were in L.A. that weekend attending Oscar parties.  There were photographs of them in L.A.

    • Depp’s fan

      He was with Patti in February 25. He was seen leaving Ashley’s apartament in February 27, and just one person was with him: Jerry (his body guard).

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  • Depp4ever

    Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis split. I know, you’ll say somethink like ”Vanessa denied the rumours”, but don’t believe in her because she lied. And I haven’t got a certain statement about Ashley-Johnny. But Johnny is single, Ashley is single too, so why not? And please, stop rumple Johnny Depp, he is such a great actor and guy. And also he is pretty hot, and I don’t think age difference is a problem in a relotionship. And I wish Johnny to best!!!!

    • Bobby

      Please provide proof that a) they have officially split and b) that Vanessa lied. Thank you.

      • Depp4ever

        First off all, there are lots of news about Johnny is in bars without Vanessa Paradis, not rumours because there are videos and photos. It’s mean they split. And in Vanessa’s latest interview, I mean Italy interview she said ”It’s very compilacted relotionship, and there are photos, when Johnny kissed Robin Baum. Proofs prove that Vanessa lied. And thank you for polite talking.

    • Depp’s fan

      I completely agree! People have prejudice about age. It’s ridiculous. Johnny is a great man and a beautiful guy. He never denied People Magazine’s news telling that he was already apart from Vanessa for months. So, he is free to choose what to do and with whom to do.

  • Rubaha1993

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