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Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Work Makes me Lonely’

Posted by Adam

JENNIFER Lawrence admits her career often makes her feel lonely.

The actress — who stars in upcoming movie The Hunger Games — misses her family and friends when she has to travel the globe promoting her work.

“Sometimes. You stay in these amazing hotel suites and I love the traveling and the people I work with, but yes, it’s a lonely lifestyle,” she said.

“It took me years to find the friends I’ve got in LA. I’ve got five or six amazing friends that I trust and love, I know exactly who I am and don’t care about anything else.

“I think it’s so important to keep those people and family in your life. It’s so easy to think that this (celebrity) is reality; that people are lining up outside just to write down what I have to say. That’s not real; that’s weird.”

Lawrence recently admitted she’s “schizophrenic” when it comes to fashion.

“I’m schizophrenic,” she said.

“I can go trendy female but then mix it with grungy boy stuff. I used to wear my brother’s shirts with my skirts when I was younger and now I’ll do a boy’s watch with a girlie necklace.”