Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman Have Awkward Run-in!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

KATIE Holmes had an “awkward” run-in with Nicole Kidman during a recent visit to a Los Angeles bar.

The past and present Mrs. Tom Cruises apparently tried to dodge each other when they came face-to-face at Hollywood private members club Soho House.

“When Katie walked upstairs to the lounge, she saw Nicole and immediately looked away like she was trying very hard to avoid eye contact with her. It was like she was taken off guard — it was like a standoff!” a source said.

“They didn’t even say hi. It was so awkward! She [Nicole] just looked at Katie, then looked away. But after Katie noticed Nicole in the lounge, she quickly walked to the patio area.”

Katie recently revealed she wants to travel the world with her daughter, Suri.

“I feel ready for the next chapter of my life,” she said. “I’m excited to begin a new phase: roles I might have been afraid to play before, places I want to travel to with my daughter. I’d like to build the design business. But not too fast.”


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  • Biscuitbonnie

    Damn! Look at those gams! Katie should show off her legs more!

  • Jacksterlingtrd

    Real pretty girl of 31..what a shame she married a gay man..